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What to Expect at an In-Home Care Consultation

What to Expect at an In-Home Care Consultation

The first thing to expect from an in-home care consultation is an assessment of your lifestyle, medical condition and the type of assistance that will be needed.

Cost and Services Offered

At a consultation, you will be informed of all home care services provided by the caregiver. Some common services include mobility and transportation, medication reminders, dressing assistance and personal hygiene. You can be matched with a caregiver who meets your physical, social and nutritional needs.

Once the consultation is complete, you will get an estimate of how much your home care needs will cost depending on the services needed. Payment options will be discussed. Some insurance plans cover home care visits but you should check with your service provider first.

Health and Medication

It is important that caregivers are apprised of any medication that needs to be taken by the senior and any medical conditions present. Any important facts like medication, allergic reactions and hospital appointments are discussed during an in-home consultation.

Daily Routines

A consistent routine is important for seniors and elderly caregivers alike to remain active. Expect a question about the physical condition of the senior and any basic activities they do to stay active. A routine for seniors helps reduce stress or anxiety and gives them variety in their day. This in turn will help them feel secure.


Home care aims to help seniors continue living independently on their own. Through a consultation, you will be informed that there are no age restrictions for home care assistance.

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