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10 Most Asked Questions on Hiring Senior In-Home Care Help in 2020

10 Most Asked Questions on Hiring Senior In-Home Care Help in 2020

Living independently at home for seniors can be challenging. Memory issues, cognitive decline, and physical limitations make it hard to complete the simplest daily tasks, let alone keep up a household.

Yet moving to an assisted care facility presents other challenges, especially for seniors over 65 who may have compromised health conditions.  The risk associated with COVID-19 has many families turning to in-home care as a preferred alternative.

This article provides answers to the most frequently asked questions about hiring Seniors Helping Seniors home care services.  We hope it helps you decide on the right approach to help you and your family through this challenging transition.

1. Why Should We Choose Seniors Helping Seniors?

Our company was started by two sisters and a daughter who shared a love for their dad and grandfather.. He was their inspiration for getting into the business a year after he passed from Alzheimer’s Disease. Their experience hiring in-home help and companionship for their loved one made them realize how important it is to have a caregiver that can relate to the challenges of aging.

As a home care provider agency, Seniors Helping Seniors San Diego and Orange County believes mature Home Care Aides can be the best solution for an aging client. Sue, Doris and daughter Tricia know firsthand that seniors have greater compassion and patience compared to a younger caregiver with less life experience.  When it comes to helping a senior age in place at home, patience and compassion can make all the difference.


2. How Do I Sign Up for Your Services?

The process for hiring in-home help from Seniors Helping Seniors San Diego or Orange County starts with a phone call to our Care Coordinator at 800-481-2488.  Whether you’re a family member, friend or the one seeking help, our Care Coordinator can gather basic information about your situation and schedule an in-home meeting. While some clients opt to review services by phone to minimize any potential COVID risks, we are available for an in-home meeting before deciding to work with us.

This no cost or obligation evaluation meeting is a chance for you and our Program Director to meet in-person. If there’s an immediate need for services, we can also include a prospective caregiver at the meeting.

Get a FREE In-Home Evaluation

We’ll discuss your challenges and needs, explain our services capabilities, and recommend which services can help you the most. Our goal is to relieve stress on your family, provide comfort and care, and give you peace of mind

6 Quick and Easy Steps to Get Help from Seniors Helping Seniors:

  • Call 800-481-2488 and discuss your needs with our Services Coordinator.
  • Meet with Program Director & Caregiver Match- NO CHARGE
  • Review & Sign Our Contract Services Agreement
  • Set Up Family Portal to monitor your loved ones care online
  • Schedule Care Coordinator Check-ins
  • Pay Bi-weekly via check, ETF or Credit Card


3. Will I Have to Sign a Long-Term Contract?

No. You will not have to sign any contracts to work with Seniors Helping Seniors. Once you meet with your caregiver and decide to give us a try, we’ll provide you with a written agreement that includes the schedule of services. As your needs change, we’ll adjust the schedule and update the agreement, as necessary.  You are never stuck with a contract and are free to discontinue our services at any time.


4. Are Your Caregivers Insured?

Yes. As a home care agency licensed by the Department of Social Services, Home Care Services Bureau, Seniors Helping Seniors is required to carry insurance. This includes general and professional liability coverage for our employees. All Seniors Helping Seniors home care aides are regular employees, not contractors. Therefore, they are fully insured by us with coverage that includes worker’s compensation insurance.


5. How are Your Caregivers Screened and Supervised?

State licensure requires that we follow a strict vetting process for hiring any licensed senior aide.  This process includes a criminal background check and verification of state registration.

In addition to meeting the state’s screening requirements, Seniors Helping Seniors provides ongoing training and testing to ensure that our employees stay up to date with their skills and knowledge. Our licensed in-home aides are monitored and supervised on a regular basis by our senior staff.


6. Can I Choose My Caregiver?

Yes! We believe it’s important for the client to feel comfortable with his or her caregiver. We always give the choice for our clients to meet with their caregiver before agreeing to receive care fromthem. We take steps to match your loved one with a professional, compassionate caregiver who can meet their needs.

The bottom line is as our client, you’re always in control of your care. Should a situation change, and you no longer wish to work with your assigned caregiver, we’ll present you with a caregiver who will better meet your needs.


7. Can the Caregiver Help with Medication Reminders?

While our caregivers cannot manage medication, fill pill boxes or assist with dosages or setting up injections, they can remind the senior to take medications. They can also pick up at the pharmacy and open pill bottles.


8. Do Your Services Require a Physician’s Authorization?

No. Only Home Health Care services require authorization from a qualified medical professional, such as a physician.  Seniors Helping Seniors provides Home Care assistance that lets seniors live in place at home.

These services are not medical in nature. Instead, they provide assistance with activities of daily living, such as hygiene help (bathing, dressing, and grooming), bed or chair transfers, help getting to and using the bathroom, shopping for groceries and cooking, light housekeeping, and companionship.  While our services also include supervision of those dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease or other forms of Dementia, we do not provide services that are medical in nature.


9. What Are the Costs of Your Home Care Services?

The customized care plan you decide on is personalized to meet your specific needs and situation. Once the care plan is established, we will help you determine the appropriate number of hours of care, as well as the level of non-medical home care services needed. There is a 3 hour minimum for each visit, twice weekly.  The rates range from $28.00 to $32.00 per hour.


10. How Are Services Billed and Paid?

We always provide you with a written rate agreement before initiating services.  Our services are billed hourly on a bi-weekly basis at the end of each two-week service period. The total amount of the invoice is due upon receipt.  We accept payments via check or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payments. We are also happy to process a payment via credit card with a small processing fee.

In some situations, home care services are covered by insurance. We will bill Long-Term Care Insurance directly. Medicare or MediCal do not qualify for reimbursable coverage.


Seniors Helping Seniors is a unique service that allows seniors to maintain their independence without leaving home for an assisted living facility. Besides avoiding risks associated with COVID-19, Seniors have better success maintaining physical and emotional well-being when they receive care and companionship from mature caregivers in the comfort of their own home.

We hope this information gives you the confidence to consider how Seniors Helping Seniors can assist you. We look forward to working with you or your loved one to provide quality compassion and care right at home.

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