Seniors Helping Seniors Testimonials

Read what families have to say about our services

I know Seniors Helping Seniors has been a blessing in our lives. We do not know where we would be without you. You have kept us functioning with all the services you provide. We would be in a terrible predicament without you.

Lorraine C

My brother-in-law lives alone and needed help with shopping, home chores and errands. We’ve used Seniors Helping Seniors to meet those needs and they’ve exceeded our expectations. We found the perfect helper! What a blessing for all of us.

Diane B

I just wanted to take a moment to send a THANK YOU to the wonderful management and great team at Seniors Helping Seniors . The company itself is very well-managed, their communication lines are always open for questions or concerns, and they are always supportive of their clients needs. Our team of gals and their patient care and attention is top-notch, very compassionate, very caring and always puts clients needs first. I cannot thank them enough for a great two years of professional service and counting…

John F

We highly recommend Seniors Helping Seniors- they have been a Godsend! Tricia (owner) and Christie (Director of Client Services) are both dedicated to meeting the individual needs of the client. We have been an SHS client since January 2014 and have consistently received outstanding and reliable service that always exceeds our expectations. My 92-year-old mother can be challenging at times, but the SHS caregiver’s positive attitude and compassion always calm her. In addition to companionship, the caregivers are very safety conscious and are always looking out for the well-being of the client. They also perform a variety of tasks, including grocery shopping, meal preparation, laundry, cleaning, assist with bathing, and exercise. Our hardworking caregiver, Laura, is caring and dedicated. She is like part of the family! Give them five stars!

Nancy E

Seniors Helping Seniors was recommended by a local geriatric care manager and for over a year have been coordinating home care for a loved one of ours that is in need of assistance to remain safely at home. I do not live locally so Senior’s expertise has been extremely reassuring for me. What started as a few hours of companionship has evolved into many other activities: stand by for showering, assistance with exercising, shopping and cognitive supervision.

Colleen B

My mother’s caregivers from Seniors Helping Seniors, and the Case Managers, are wonderful. They are knowledgeable, empathetic, and flexible. As my mother’s health conditions continue to change, they provide the care that only comes from experience and understanding of what aging is about and the worries a family has for their loved ones. And, our mother is comfortable with the care provided, which speaks volumes for how she feels about her care. Our family is at ease because we know someone is there to help when we can’t be. We trust the caregivers and the Case Managers, and we know they have Mom’s best interests in mind. We know our journey isn’t going to get any easier, but Seniors Helping

Pam K

I just want to say how much of a blessing it is to have Seniors Helping Seniors in my life. My mother has Alzheimer’s disease and started going downhill in December. One a Friday I was checking in before work and found my mom so confused and with a wet bed, and her pills all over the counter! Mary McFadden was coming over at 10:00 am to introduce Linda, a caregiver. They got there just in time to inform me that she possibly had a UTI. They asked me if I wanted Linda to start that day and take her to the doctor. I said yes and was able to go to work. Linda and Barbara have been great in taking care of my mother ever since that day. I would highly recommend Seniors Helping Seniors.

Family of Mr S

The in home services provided by the staff at SHS is truly remarkable. I was struggling with care for my 85 year old aunt but SHS has made it much easier for our family to cope with her care and her advancing Dementia. Jamie and Doris have been fantastic in meeting our needs for in home care no matter if it’s several hours or several days. SHS is more than a company providing in home care. They are family.

Shirley W

My mother-in-law wanted me to tell you once again how very, very happy she is with Sherry. She did laundry and cleaned from the moment she got there until it was time to leave. Shirley also enjoyed their conversations. My mother-in-law was so hesitant to have someone help her now all she does is rave about your service. Please relay this to Sherry as well!