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5 Tips for Seniors to Stay Active in the Winter

5 Tips for Seniors to Stay Active in the Winter

As temperatures get colder, it’s common to spend more time indoors. However, it’s important to ensure seniors stay active and maintain their physical and mental well-being this winter. Consider these 5 helpful tips:

At-Home Workouts

If it’s cold outside or unsafe conditions, consider an at-home workout that matches your senior’s current fitness level. Options include using a stationary exercise bike, resistance bands or stretching exercises. These are safe ways to apply resistance to one’s upper or lower body.

Use of exercise videos, like aerobics, while following the underlined instructions is another option. Walking up and down stairs with the help of stair railings can help improve blood circulation.

Attend Community Classes

Joining a center can help your senior feel like a part of the community and build fruitful relationships with other seniors. Most community classes offer indispensable services that can keep your senior active and provide care. Build an activity routine or schedule for your senior to increase physical and mental strength. 

Centers often offer bingo or art classes that could increase mental strength. These activities foster teamwork among the seniors in achieving a predetermined aim. Consider workout classes, and incorporate wellness classes, with tips like how to prepare healthy meal plans.

Spend Time with Loved Ones

Encourage your senior to engage in activities like playing with the grandchildren, going on walks with family members, being involved in discussions or going out to dinner. Engaging in these activities makes your senior feel loved and eliminates loneliness and boredom.

Get a Gym Membership

Consider consulting with your physician or doctor before enrolling your senior in a gym. Most gyms have exercise regimes that cater to specific ages.

Attending a gym can help facilitate social interaction with other seniors during or after workouts. Trainers also offer one-on-one workouts suited to your senior’s special needs. Some gyms offer yoga classes and massage services, which can be great stress relievers. Be sure to avoid over exertion.

Just Move!

Simple chores around the home, like cleaning out the fridge or organizing a closet, can help maintain small, frequent movement throughout the week. These are effective and convenient ways to ensure your senior gets some blood flow and if it’s all they accomplish that day, some movement is better than none.

Incorporating one or all of these tips can help keep your seniors and loved ones stay active, both mentally and physically, this winter season.

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