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Senior In-Home Services Supports Social Distancing and Provides One-on-One Care

Senior In-Home Services Supports Social Distancing and Provides One-on-One Care

These are challenging and stressful times for us all especially if you’re a senior, over age 65. COVID-19 is especially risky to seniors and people with compromised immune systems or chronic health conditions. The data shows the older a coronavirus patient is, the higher risk they have of developing a serious complication.

It’s important now more than ever to make sure your senior loved ones are properly cared for. When considering all of your options, you need to choose the one with the smallest risk. This is why senior in-home services is an alternative that should not be overlooked; it’s a solution that provides one-on-one caregiving, it’s a long term solution and it’s a compassionate solution.

Let’s break it down further:

1. Senior Home Care Allows for Social Distancing

Medical professionals have been recommending social distancing as a way to stop the spread COVID-19. Senior in-home services becomes a safe and sensible option.  It’s nice to know your loved one can stay in their home and still have the help they need during the pandemic. You can manage the care from afar which also keeps you safe.

Instead of being exposed to multiple people, which is unavoidable in many options, your loved one will receive one-on-one assistance by their dedicated caregiver.  They can maintain physical distance in many care scenarios, yet still perform essential duties to help your loved one safely.

2.  In-home Senior Services Means Hiring a Professional and Compassionate Caregiver For Your Loved One

Knowing that your loved one is in the hands of a qualified, well trained, professional caregiver provides peace of mind in today’s environment.

In-home senior services strives to match your loved one with a professional, compassionate caregiver who is able to meets their needs.  They are employees of the company, insured, bonded and trained to provide quality care, with a personal touch.

With a pandemic going on, we know how important it is for our caregivers to practice CDC guidelines during every visit, such as frequent hand washing, and sanitizing surfaces to keep them clean and disinfected. Our caregivers have received intensive training on infection control procedures and receive a recorded reminder each time they clock in to provide client services. Our caregivers are provided with Personal Protection Equipment, including masks and gloves. We are happy to provide these for our clients as needed. Our caregivers can assist with many important activities such as meal preparation, medication reminders, light housekeeping, grocery shopping and all activities of daily living.

3. Senior Homecare Keeps Your Loved One Connected

While it’s important to be socially distant or physically distant, no one should be in total isolation.

Seniors Helping Seniors provides one-on-one relationships, it allows seniors to maintain their independence in their own home with the safety of being able to minimize external contact. They can be more connected to the world and feel the human connection we all know is so special.

When your loved ones are at home, they can be comforted by familiar activities, while our in-home caregivers provide assistance to meet their daily physical and emotional needs.

Do You Know Someone Who Needs In-Home Senior Services?

Now that you have uncovered these three important reasons why in-home senior services is a safer choice, you can take the next steps and make sure that your loved one has the best care now and in the future.

We can help provide your loved one with high quality, compassionate in-home senior services. From the comfort of their homes, your loved ones will have all of their needs met by professionals who have love in their hearts.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Seniors Helping Seniors. We’re here to help.

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