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We Celebrate Older Americans Every Month!

We Celebrate Older Americans Every Month!

May is recognized as Older Americans Month (OAM). For many seniors reaching age 65 begins a phase of life where interests, goals, and dreams can get a new or second start. Today, aging is about living life to the fullest in a way that suits you best – 65 is the new 40! Since 1963, OAM has been a time to celebrate older Americans, their stories, and their contributions. This annual observance of seniors offers a special opportunity to learn about, support, and recognize our nation’s older citizens. This year’s theme, “Age Out Loud,” emphasizes the ways older adults are living their lives with boldness, confidence, and passion while serving as an inspiration to people of all ages. Seniors Helping Seniors Recognizes Older Americans Month every month of the year by supporting seniors who need a little help to stay independent and employing seniors who want to help others. We recognizes OAM 2017 by focusing on how older adults in our community are redefining aging—through work or family interests, by taking charge of their health and staying independent for as long as possible. We are dedicated to assisting and supporting seniors in whatever way they need to be able to live life to the fullest.

The majority of seniors want to stay in their homes for as long as possible. Home is where seniors are most comfortable. Home is familiar and provides comfort to seniors especially those who may be experiencing the challenges of Dementia or physical illness. Aging gracefully in the home environment often means accepting help to remain independent and safe. Family members often step in when they notice a parent struggling with activities they are no longer able to manage or perform effectively.

Seniors are sometimes slow to recognize their growing needs for assistance. It is not unusual for the senior to say they are doing just fine and don’t need any help. They often say their “children worry too much” with the underlying message “we wish they would just let us be.” Seniors who have dementia may be particularly resistant to help and unable to recognize their growing limitations. Adult children have to balance their concern for their parent’s safety with their parent’s stated wish to remain independent.

Seniors Helping Seniors is a unique organization that matches seniors that want to help with seniors that need assistance to stay independent and living at home. We work as a team with family members to ensure the senior is safe at home and able to continue with activities that enrich their lives. We carefully match our employee with the senior companion and provide them with the opportunity to meet and select a care provider who they feel comfortable with, allowing them to stay in control throughout the entire process. Our mature caregivers relate to the life experiences of those they help. They are empathetic and good listeners. They can help seniors with everyday tasks such as light housekeeping, meal preparation and cleanup, transportation, shopping and local errands, pet care, medication reminders. Companions help the senior to get out and enjoy life as well provide company at home.

For seniors that need more assistance, we can assist with bathing, getting in and out of a chair or bed, dressing, getting to and from the bathroom and other personal care needs. We have found that a successful transitional strategy for seniors who are reluctant to acknowledge the need for care or accept outside assistance is to start slowly with a senior companion as a bridge to increased care. Caregiving can increase as the senior gains trust and develops a relationship with our caregiver and experiences the benefits that home care can provide.

Caring for an aging parent is never easy. It is important for family caregivers to take time for themselves. Respite from day to day responsibilities allows the family caregiver to recharge their batteries and reconnect with their own family. Time away also benefits the senior they are caring for. Stress, illness and resentment can result when caregiving responsibilities become overwhelming, damaging the relationship with the one you are caring for.

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