Getting Out and About Town

Getting out and about the town delivers a sense of freedom

At Seniors Helping Seniors we understand that getting out to run errands can be a challenge for you or an elderly loved one, especially if living alone. Our trusted care providers can offer transportation assistance with a variety of needs such as; shopping, getting to doctors and dental appointments, visiting the hairdresser, and even getting out to enjoy recreational or social activities.

Senior Doctor Visit Help

Transportation to Doctor, Dentist, Hairdresser

Getting out and about to maintain one’s overall health and appearance is an important part of any seniors routine. Whether you or a loved one is in need of transportation to regularly scheduled doctor’s visits, dental appointments, or weekly visits to the hairdresser, Seniors Helping Seniors can pair you with a trusted care provider that you can rely on to get you there in a safe and timely manner. Our care provider’s can assist with transfers to wheelchairs and walkers as well as help with dressing and grooming prior to the outing.

Senior exercise programs

Recreational Activities

Recreational activities help keep our bodies agile, our minds strong, and lift our spirits. Whether it’s playing cards at your local senior center, participating in arts and crafts, working on a favorite hobby, or simply spending time outdoors, our care providers can be of assistance to make sure you or your loved one is able to get out and enjoy these activities

Senior Shopping Help

Errands and Shopping

Running errands, and shopping for necessary household items and groceries can be a challenging task for seniors who are experiencing a decrease in physical or cognitive function. Our kind and caring providers can help in a variety of ways – shopping list preparation, unloading and putting away groceries and picking up prescriptions – to make life a little easier for you or a loved one.

Seniors Movies and Entertainment

Theatre, Movies, Outings

If you or a loved one is a fan of going out to the movies or adores attending theatrical productions, but finds getting there to be a challenge, our friendly providers can be trusted as a safe and reliable means of transportation to ensure these fun activities are regularly enjoyed.

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