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Immediate Assistance for Seniors

Immediate Assistance for Seniors

Seniors Helping Seniors is open and as an Essential Service we stand ready to help. We provide homecare services throughout San Diego and Orange County.  Our caregivers have received additional and specific ongoing training in Infection Control and Covid-19 policies and procedures. Our caregivers are supplied with masks, gloves and sanitizer along with daily automated reminders of infection control strategies at shift check in.

We realize that the current environment puts increased pressure on families, hospital and Rehab discharge planners and case managers to find accommodations for patients recovering from acute medical issues or who need assistance due to chronic medical issues that make them unsafe to be alone without supportive care. We can provide immediate support by mature, licensed home care aides.

Assistance can include medication reminders, assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s), cooking, shopping, household help, transportation, dementia supervision and 24-hour care. We can provide an excellent alternative for families who are unwilling to send their loved one to an institutional, residential or Rehabilitation setting during the Pandemic.



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We are not able to sponsor foreign workers. Employment candidates must be current US citizens and residents of San Diego or Orange County.