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You Are Not Alone – Innovative Police and Sheriff Program for Homebound Seniors

You Are Not Alone – Innovative Police and Sheriff Program for Homebound Seniors

Police and Sheriff Departments in both San Diego and Orange County offer a unique program to help seniors who live alone . The “You Are Not Alone” (YANA) program is a service of the Retired Senior Volunteer Patrol programs in most departments. Senior volunteers in these programs assist police and sheriffs personnel with crime prevention programs, vacation checks, traffic control and YANA. The YANA program has helped save senior lives and allows seniors who live alone to find comfort and security knowing that someone will regularly be in contact with them.

Seniors enrolled in YANA programs are usually able to take care of their own day-to-day needs but they recognize that a medical crisis at home could render them helpless and worsen if no one knows they are in distress. YANA programs vary slightly depending on the sponsoring police or sheriffs department. A YANA volunteer will stop by and check on enrolled seniors typically weekly but more often if needed. Phone calls from volunteers to check on daily status are also provided in many programs. YANA programs are available in most but not all departments. To sign up to participate in a YANA program call your closest police department division station or sheriff’s substation. Some departments, such as the San Diego County Sheriff, have online applications via their websites.

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