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VA Aid and Attendance Benefit Helps Senior Vets Live Independently

VA Aid and Attendance Benefit Helps Senior Vets Live Independently

Veterans of WWI, the Korean War and Vietnam are aging and may need assistance with activities of daily living including help with dressing or bathing, preparing meals, personal care and help around the house. Many are unaware that there is a benefit available through the VA called “Aid and Attendance.” The VA’s Aid and Attendance benefit is for wartime veterans, or their surviving spouses, who meet certain medical and financial requirements. A veteran may qualify for the Aid and Attendance benefit if they served a minimum of 90 days of active duty with at least one day during a wartime (WWII, Korea, Vietnam Era, Persian Gulf) and have limited resources in relation to their medical expenses (including homecare expenses). The benefit provides up to 66 hours of home care per month for a qualifying veteran, up to 42 hours of home care per month for a surviving spouse of a veteran and up to 78 hours of home care per month for a couple when both spouses need the care.

Home care can make a huge difference in the quality of life for a senior and their family members and can enable the senior to remain living in their home rather than an institution. Home care can provide the senior with the assistance they need to continue the activities that bring joy to their life and provide needed respite to family caregivers. Assistance covered may include transportation, companionship, meal preparation, respite for family members caring for a senior with Dementia, housekeeping and personal care. Often the cost of home care is prohibitive to a senior living on a fixed income. The Aid and Attendance benefit is available to seniors who have assets such as a home or car but who have medical expenses, including the cost of home care, that cut into their monthly income. Veterans who served our country deserve all of the benefits they qualify for. There are programs that will help the veteran apply for the Aid and Attendance benefit and cover their home care expenses until the benefit comes through. Seniors Helping Seniors can provide information about the benefit and refer you to reliable companies to assist with the VA application. We serve many veterans and look forward to helping in any way we can. We also love to hire veterans to provide assistance to other seniors – a big heart and willingness to help are all that is needed.

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