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Jobs for Seniors

Jobs for Seniors

Seniors Helping Seniors is hiring senior caregivers in San Diego and Orange County. We  are looking for mature adults that want a job that makes a difference while supplementing retirement income. The term “encore career” was coined to describe the phenomenon of seniors continuing to work beyond retirement age. Both economics and a desire to do work that is personally meaningful play into the decision of seniors to avoid the rocking chair and remain in the workforce.

A recent Gallup survey of people currently working found that 63 percent said they planned to work part-time when they reached retirement age, and nearly two-thirds of those said they would do it because they wanted to. Another study by the AARP Public Policy Institute found that the percentage of people who work and people who want to work has increased markedly in both the 65-and-older and 75-and-older groups. For 2011, the participation rate for 65 and older was 17.9% compared with 10.8% in 1985. For 75 and older, the rate jumped from 4.3% in 1990 to 7.5% in 2011.

For some retirees, the recent financial crisis played havoc with retirement savings and slowed the accumulation of those savings. For others, a supplemental income allows them to leave more money in their retirement accounts, extending those savings and allowing them to keep growing. An analysis by the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that nearly half of retirees who filed for Social Security before their 63rd birthday passed up 25% to 33% in additional inflation-adjusted benefits that would have been available if they had waited until full retirement age. There are also health and emotional benefits for seniors that stay active. Numerous studies show that continuing to work improves physical health and mental well being, in some cases making working seniors more vigorous than those who enter full retirement.

Seniors Helping Seniors, (SHS) provides jobs for seniors with a unique opportunity for retirees to remain active in the workforce, earn additional income, and make a tremendous difference in the lives of others. We are looking for mature adults who have had some experience providing care to seniors – even if their experience is with relatives or friends. We provide flexible, part-time employment opportunities, training and the ability to set your own schedule. Those who work with us gain so much from the relationship with the seniors they work with — they receive as much as they give.

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