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Your Guide to the Encore Career Search Process

Your Guide to the Encore Career Search Process

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An encore career is work in the second half of life, typically near or after retirement, that combines continued income, personal meaning, and social impact. These jobs are paid positions often in public interest fields such as education, health, the environment, social services, and other nonprofits.


If you’re interested in an encore career but not sure where to start, keep reading! We will cover some tips on how to search for encore job opportunities.


Seeking an Encore Career: A Guide


While many retirees plan to spend their post-work years traveling, volunteering, spending time with grandchildren, or improving their golf game, many are energized by discussing their “next act” in terms of work – their encore career.


Encore careers are becoming increasingly popular in retirement. According to a study, nearly 60 percent of workers who are age 60 or older anticipate looking for a new job after retiring.


If you’re considering an encore career, here are some steps to help you get started in your search.


1. Discover What’s Important


The first step is to take the time to brainstorm the things that you’re passionate about. What type of work will be fulfilling and exciting? Do you have a specific cause that you’re interested in?


Make a list of these items in addition to a list of your current skills and work experience.


2. Research Options


Conduct an online search of the companies or industries you’re interested in. Most websites have a “careers” page that you can explore and most nonprofits will additionally have a section to explore volunteer opportunities.


There are also great resources specifically for people searching for Encore careers that can assist you in finding a good fit.


3. Tips on Career Hunting


While researching options, it’s important to take into consideration your current skills and how those can be best utilized.


For example, if you have previous experience teaching children, you might be a good fit for a similar volunteer opportunity. A good place to start might be looking into options at your local YMCA.  Working at a non-profit or within the education sector are popular choices.


4. Healthcare Opportunities


Another area with a growing need is healthcare. If you have experience in this field or have always been interested in healthcare, there are many options that might be a great fit.


Here are some guidelines to help get started:


  • Community health workers offer informal counseling. They help clients get services and insurance. They’ll also help clients educate themselves.
  • Chronic illness coaches can bring some aid and relief to folks struggling with chronic medical conditions. These coaches will help people manage their long-term conditions.
  • Medication coaches can help patients who need help with managing medical regimens. They can help a patient manage AIDS or diabetes for example.
  • Peer-to-peer caretakers provide in-home assistance with day-to-day tasks that become harder with age. This could include errands, mobility, meal preparation, or even just being a companion. These programs allow you to work with peers your own age while enabling them to continue living happily in the comfort of their own home.


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