SHS Employee Training

Please see below in the Resource section for important information regarding the The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA or Act) and the COVID-19 Virus.

Using our new Telephony System – clock in no more than 10 minutes before your shift! If you have changed your schedule without notifying us you will not be able to log in. You may call in from your cell phone or the client’s home phone.
New Number to Call – 1-844-394-8345

Just Say “Tell Me About it” to avoid confrontation when communicating with Dementia Clients – Great, short video

Here is an excellent video on Alzheimer’s Disease – great information!

Assisting a Client with Walking with a Gait Belt

Putting a Gait Belt on a Client

Assisting a Client with Getting Up from a Wheelchair

Assisting a Client with Getting Up from a Fall. Remember – if they have pain or are disoriented don’t move them and call 9-1-1. Be sure to notify us of any falls!

Safe Transfers Bed to Wheelchair.

Hand Washing Technique

Heimlich Maneuver

Earthquake Safety

View in FEMA Multimedia Library

Assisting a Client to Transfer from a Bed to a Wheelchair

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher:

Employee Information – FFCRA

Name: FFCRA_Poster_WH1422_Non-Federal-1.pdf

COVID-19 Policy 3

Name: COVID-19-Policy-3.pdf

Pre-Service Training #1- Infection Control

Name: Pre-Service-Training-1.pdf

Pre-Service post test training 1- Infection Control

Name: Pre-Service-POST-TEST-Training-1-Infection-Control-1-1.docx

Pre-Service Training #2 – Basic Safety Precautions

Name: Pre-Service-Training-2.pdf

Pre-Service Training 2 – Post Test – Basic Safety Precautions

Name: POST-TEST-Pre-Service-training-2-Basic-Safety-Precautions-1.docx

Pre-Service Training # 3 – Emergency Procedures

Name: Safety-Training-Emergency-Procedures.pdf

Pre-Service Training 3 – Post Test – Emergency Procedures

Name: Post-test-Pre-Service-Training-3-Emergency-Procedures-1.docx

Annual Training 1 – Helping with ADL’s and IADL’s

Name: TRAINING-MANUAL-Helping-with-ADLs-IDLs-3.docx

Annual Training 1 – Post Test – Helping with ADL’s and IADL’s

Name: Annual-Training-1-POST-TEST-Helping-with-ADLs-IADLs.docx

Annual Training 2 – Lifting and Moving Clients

Name: TRAINING-MANUAL-Lifting-Moving-Clients-1.docx

Annual Training -2-Post Test-Lifting-Moving-Clients

Name: Annual-Training-2-POST-TEST-Lifting-Moving-Clients.docx

Annual Training 3 – Understanding Client’s Rights

Name: Annual-Training-3-Understanding-Client-Rights.docx

Annual Training 3 Post Test – Understanding Client Rights

Name: Annual-Training-3-POST-TEST-Understanding-Client-Rights.docx

Annual Training 4 – Recognizing and Reporting Abuse and Neglect

Name: Annual-Training-4-Recognizing-Reporting-Abuse-Neglect.docx

Annual Training 4 – Post Test – Recognizing and Reporting Abuse and Neglect

Name: Annual-Training-POST-TEST-Recognizing-Reporting-Abuse-Neglect.docx

Dementia Skills Training

Name: Dementia-Skills-Training-.pdf

Post Test – Dementia Skills

Name: POST-TEST-Dementia-Skills-Training.docx

Transportation Solutions for Caregivers

Name: Transportation_Solutions-for-Caregivers.pdf

Transportation tips for Drivers and Passengers

Name: NCST_Trends_tips_drivers_passengers.pdf

Incontinence Handout

Name: Urinary_Incontinence.pdf

CDC Caring for Yourself While Caring for Others Manual

Name: HC-worker-manual.pdf

two Hour Role of Caregiver HCA Training

Name: two-Hour-Role-of-Caregiver-HCA-Training.ppt

Size: 2 MB

Alzheimer’s Middle Stage Caregiver Tips

Name: middle-stage-caregiver-tips.pdf

Alzheimer’s early-stage-caregiver-tips

Name: early-stage-caregiver-tips-copy.pdf

Dealing with Difficult Behavior

Name: Dealing-with-Difficult-Behavior-.pdf

Alzheimers – Effective Communication

Name: Alzheimers-Effective-Communication.pdf


Name: caring-for-a-person-with-alzheimers-disease.pdf

San Diego Minimum Wage

Name: tr_mwo_notice_english_2019.pdf

CA Disability Notice

Name: CA-disability-notice.pdf

CA Sick Leave Information

Name: Paid_Sick_Days_Poster_Template_11_2014.pdf

City of San Diego Earned Sick Leave

Name: San-Earned-Sick-Leave.pdf

CA Unemployment Benefit Notice

Name: CA-unemployment-benefit-notice.pdf

Important information about medical care for work related injury or illness

Name: Important-Information-About-Medical-Care-for-Work-Related-Injury-or-Illness.pdf

New hire notice injuries caused by work

Name: New-Hire-Notice-Injuries-Caused-by-Work.pdf

Payroll Calendar 2019

Name: payroll-calendar-2019.pdf

SHS quick resource

Name: SHS-quick-resource.docx

SHS San Diego and OC Policy Manual . Rev. 7-11-16

Name: SHS-San-Diego-and-OC-Policy-Manual-final-revised-7-11-16-PDF.pdf