How we price our services to meet your specific needs

Seniors Helping Seniors in-home care pricing was created with the goal to give you the flexibility in using only what you need and not paying for services you don’t.

How We Develop Your Price:
Every senior has different care needs and different time requirements. Seniors Helping Seniors will review your specific needs, determine the suggested number of hours and provide you with a price you can depend upon.

Full Time
When we provide full time care to a senior it means we spend less time travelling between customers and have less administrative work. We don’t mind doing either of these things, however full time care customers allow us to be more efficient. Due to this we take this savings and offer it back to you in the form of a discounted price.

Part Time Care:
You may only need a few hours a week and only on specific days. Our flexible no contract service allow you to hire us only for the hours you need!

Respite Care:
Many folks who care for a loved one will at some point go on vacation or have a life even that keeps them from caring for their loved one, like getting the common cold. Seniors Helping Seniors offers a no contract and set price for these situations.  Just get in touch with us, we’ll determine your level of care needs and provide you with a set price.

Flexibility Without Consequences – Scheduling more or fewer hours:
Life means change, and we know that your needs may change from week to week. This is no problem, if you need to reduce hours, cancel visits or increase hours and visits we can do so quickly and easily. In all cases you will only be charged for the hours we are caring for you or your loved one.


Insurance for Senior Care Services is an important factor in getting all the care you require. Seniors Helping Seniors accepts many of the major insurance policies and we help make the process of using this insurance painless and easy.

What Insurance Do We Accept?
Below are just a few of the many insurance programs we work with. If you don’t see yours, don’t worry, give us a call and let us see if we can work with your insurance provider.


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